picture of Courtney Atinsky

My first construction project was built from Lincoln Logs for my Weeble Wobble family. I continued to find my footing with drip castles, fort building, go-cart design, and oil painting. It was then that I began to discover I was destined to design, paint, and build.

I started working as a Stage Manager for Custer Avenue Stages & DTC in San Francisco. I familiarized myself with the industry and began training as a Grip & Electrician joining the Local 16. My fascination with the magic of production and film took me all over the Bay area. I took to working long hours and gaining as much knowledge as I could absorb from each client that came through the doors. My eyes became open to the carpentry crews I worked with and the fabrication they produced.

The opportunity opened itself to me in the late 90’s as I joined forces as an assistant set builder for William Sonoma Inc. This gave me the chance to design and create unique interiors for a wide variety of photography shoots. I began putting together budgets, managing larger crews, and building out the wood shop.

Today, I continue to build and design interiors and art installations for a variety of clients. With my tools in tow and brush in hand I can create any environment requested.